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Hello World!

Hello Huston!

This is the EXS Bionics Team speaking. Our challenge is to build an Exoskeleton. An Exoskeleton is a funky mixture between a robot and a suit. It’s purpose is to support disabled people on earth and exhausted astronauts in space.


Of course it has already been done by many other developers in various ways. But we are gonna do it once again and contribute to the development of this technology in any way we can. If we can’t, we are gonna learn, research and do it anyhow.

Who are we? And what do we do?

Eli is our IT, that will work out the algorithms of the programs.

Misho is gonna give power to the robot so he takes care of the power units.

Niki is the balanced guy who works with the sensors, detecting if the robot is about to loose its balance in some random direction.

Zdravko is the CentralProcessingUnit Master.

Emilian will take care that the robot  ” likes to move it, move it” and keep an eye on the motors.

Chavo is our mechanic – he enjoys both biology and physics and will combine both to design the suitable mechanics for our Exoskeleton.

Radi will help both Eli and Chavo.

And last but definitely not least Georgi will be the IronMentor and lead the team.

Sooo…Напред и Нагоре!



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